Edgy Actions

Many actions can be assigned to the screen edges or buttons of your choice.

You can select from eight different edges of the screen four corners and four sides. Actions can be used with three different keyboard options: no key, Shift key, or Control key. Once you have selected the desired edge by clicking on the picture of the monitor, you then select the desired action for that edge from the list of standard actions and custom actions.

Edgy software

In this screen shot, the upper left corner of the screen has been clicked, as indicated by the red marker, and the action Screen saver on has been selected from the list. As a result, when the mouse is moved to the upper left corner of the screen, the screen saver will start. And when the mouse moves away from the upper left corner, the screen saver will go off.

Many of Edgy's standard actions give you new capabilities that you will find extremely convenient and useful. These are commands and actions that are not built into Windows, but should have been.

If you want to do something that's not provided by a standard action, you can define a custom action. Custom actions can perform tasks of your choice when the mouse enters the selected screen edge, when the mouse leaves the selected screen edge, or both.

Some standard actions have additional settings.


List of all standard actions

About custom actions

List of pre-defined custom actions


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